Bok Bok Baked Crunchy Chicken Wrap Stick 7.93 oz.


US $25.56

Product Description

premium Meaty chicken Wrapped Treats.
Designed to meet the nutrition needs for dogs suffering from appetite loss.
Safe Product with Carefully Selected raw ingredient used.
Palatable treat for you beloved pet at low cost.
collagen to nourish the skin from cow bones, joints, your dog healthy.


Do not feed than 3 month old puppy.
In some cases, white powder or black spot may appear on the surface of the product occurs from solidify of fat. Do not afraid to feed you dog from this incident.
Feeding amounts may vary by breed,activity level,environment. Please control feed amount by onec or twice a day.
Store in the sealed package at safe place from insect contamination and keep away from direct sunlight and children.
Do not feed other than you dogs.


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